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"Good dog! Hold the enemy down while I shoot them! You get a biscuit!"

The ranger is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of them all as well, relying on his keen eye, steady hand, or the power of nature itself. A master of ranged combat, the ranger is capable of striking unwitting foes from a distance with his bow. With a stable of pets at his command, a ranger can adapt to his opponents' strengths and weaknesses.

A ranger is accompanied by his pet, a loyal animal companion. Rangers charm pets and then bond with them. A ranger can have up to three pets at his call, but generally speaking, only one pet can be active at any time. Pets' base health, armor, and damage are based on the level of the player that owns them.

Pets are charmed by interacting with juvenile versions of the species you want to charm. There are a variety of Tyrian species that can be charmed, including bears, moas, devourers, and sharks. As you adventure with a pet, it evolves to become more unique and eventually allows you to give it abilities that compliment your tactics.

Rather than manage a unique resource in combat, a ranger will manage his pet, assigning them a behavior from aggressive to passive. A ranger can also manage his pet by giving commands such as "attack," "heel," and "stay."

Rangers have a number of special skill types:

Traps--Traps are utility skills that can be placed at a ranger's current location. When an enemy enters a trap, it is triggered. For example, Spike Trap will cripple and bleed enemies that pass through it. A trap can remain active as long as the ranger chooses to remain close to it. A ranger can only have one of each trap type out at any given time.

Spirits--A spirit skill summons a nature spirit that influences the area around it. For example, Sun Spirit applies additional fire damage to allied attacks inside its influence. A spirit stays out for a short period of time and goes away if the ranger wanders too far away from it. Spirits can be attacked by enemies and removed from the battle. A ranger can only have one of each type of spirit out at any given time.


A ranger is mostly a master of ranged weapons, however, he can use sword or greatsword in melee combat. The ranger weapons are:

  • Main Hand: Sword, Axe
  • Off Hand: Axe, Dagger, Torch, Warhorn
  • Two-Handed: Greatsword, Longbow, Shortbow

A ranger has three active pet slots. Outside of combat, or through the use of utility skills, the ranger can swap their active pet. There are 12 different types of pets, including some terrestrial (spiders), some amphibious (lizards), and some aquatic (sharks). Within each type there are subtypes that can influence pets' abilities. For example, a polar bear might have an Icy Roar, while a brown bear might have a Fearsome Roar. A ranger's pet gets its level from its master, which determines their basic attack, armor, and health.

Pet Evolution
Pets have customization options. The first of these has to do with a pet's evolution level. Pets evolve up to 20 evolution levels. Each pet type receives automatic bonuses at different evolution levels. For bears, these bonuses might be increased health or increased damage. Pets gain evolution points when the player gains XP while the pet is active. At certain evolution levels, pets will unlock ability slots (up to 4 total). Ability slots can be filled from a list of active pet abilities based on pet type.

Pet Controls
In addition to managing his skills, a ranger will be able to manage his pet with limited commands and modes. This will be an interface element for the ranger class. Here are some examples:

Modes--Ongoing behavioral settings the ranger can toggle.
  • Aggressive--Attack what I am attacking.
  • Defensive--Attack enemies that attack me.
  • Passive--Don't attack.

Commands--Specific, direct commands that execute right away.

  • Attack--Attack my target.
  • Heel--Come to me.
  • Stay--Do not move.
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Curse: Ranger Gameplay pt.I

Curse: Ranger Gameplay pt.II

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Best Weapons For Your Guild Wars 2 Ranger

This is a basic summary of the gameplay techniques used in Guild Wars 2. The Guild Wars 2 PvP Manual and GW2 Gold Reference Book is co-written by several authors who are established veterans of the game.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger is categorized as an adventure profession in Guild Wars 2. As you know by name, this profession is a ranger fighter and is magnificent with the bow. Most Rangers in general MMOs only have access to a bow or some sort of small dagger which is rarely used in a real fight, but this is not the case in GW2 guide. Little do you know, the Ranger is able to wield huge 2 handed great swords. Below is a list of the 11 types of weapons that the Ranger can equip.


1.Great SwordLong BowShort BowMain-hand

1.SwordAxes Off-hand

1.Axe - Giving skill to reflect any incoming attacks for a period, or can be thrown for a boomerang effect.
2.Dagger - Dagger is to inflict status aliment to foes such as maim attack and poison attack.
3.Torch - Light fire to some area and burn the enemies by throwing the torch at
4.Warhorn - Call animals for a short period to attack opponents or buff allies.

Under the water

1.Harpoon Gun - Can be accessed for underwater battle only. Harpoon gun is for shooting at multiple targets from long ranged.
2.Spear - For underwater melee attack to pierce and swipe enemies.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Weapon, Spirits, Traps Guide

* Heal as one: Heal yourself and your pet
* Healing Spring: Create a spring that heals you, your pet, and your allies. It also cures conditions on allies.
* Troll Unguent: You and your pet regenerate health over time.

Elite Skill:<
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